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Sizzix Cravings

I have been getting the urge to get out my Sizzix machine.  Well actually I must confess that I now have two!  On 31 January (the receipt is beside me on the dining table that suffices as an office) I was walking past a charity shop when I spotted one in the window.  £15 which included some dies.  It had to come home with me.

If you are not familiar with the delights of Sizzix then it is a gadget which lets you cut paper and card using biscuit cutters.  Well, it doesn’t actually, but that is a very non-technical explanation of the effect.  At some point I will try to do photos and videos and things but I expect you can hunt the web or even go to the Sizzix home page to find something along these lines.

Anyway I’ve not used one for some time but they are great for cards and scrapbooking and all sorts.  I am going to dig out some pictures of previous projects.  You will see I got quite hooked on the tags punches.


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I work full-time but am fortunate enough to be in business with a friend and have flexible working hours - although based around 9 to 5 I can escape on sunny days to head to the garden! I have a partner, two step-daughters and a menagerie! I enjoy most crafts and love to try something new.

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