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At a loose end

I’m not a fan of this wintery weather but with a roaring fire going it is quite nice to sit with one’s rug on one’s lap and darn in ends.  OK, so nice is maybe overstating it but it warm and cosy.  With the TV on I have spent several hours with a fine crochet hook and a darning needle and my loose ends are disappearing.

I have also had instruction on how to avoid so many joins in the joining by stitching the squares into long strips – ie joining in pairs but then just joining that pair to another pair by using the same piece of thread.  I can see how it would work but it must be very “floppy”. 

If I find myself making another blanket with squares I might try it.

Actually I am doing some squares.  With this blanket I had bought some DK baby yarn to use but the squares came up smaller.  I have unpicked my brown edging and done another round in the baby yarn.  Friends have a baby due at the end of March so I think I shall make a baby blanket.  I will try the smooth joining method though as I think that will be nicer for a baby.

Ruffle edging!

Ruffle edging!

To be honest I still have ends to darn it and the odd seam still to do but having bought a lovely book of borders I couldn’t wait to get started on the edging. I went back and forth through the book (I think there are 150) but kept coming back to this one and I am loving it.

I didn’t block my squares so the whole blanket isn’t entirely square which makes this choice of border ideal – because it means the blanket is no longer square anyway. It puts me in mind of a poppy and I really want to do it in black and red. In fact the book is so nice I just want to do borders now!

I bought the book from Amazon, having been given a gift voucher, the details are:

I should mention that it is an American book so the stitches are called by their US equivalents. I always check the working of a stich before I start a pattern so this didn’t bother me.

Borders book


It has been a while but I am just dropping by with an update!

I went away for a few nights between Christmas and New Year, staying at the beautiful Thoresby Hall.

As a result of some intensive crochet around the beautiful old parts of the building I can now report that my blanket is all in one piece.  There are couple of seams unjoined I think and lots of ends to darn in but the worst is over.  I don’t think I will do another with a “pattern” to it – far easier to just be able to join as you go along.

Crochet blanket

Crochet blanket

I started this blanket ages ago.  Rather than doing it randomly I decided I wanted an order to the squares – not a good idea when there are cats in the house so it has been moved to the holiday home where I do a bit of joining up now and again.

This blanked was started over two years ago – this picture is from February 2010.  Joining up is NOT exciting!