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Ruffle edging!

Ruffle edging!

To be honest I still have ends to darn it and the odd seam still to do but having bought a lovely book of borders I couldn’t wait to get started on the edging. I went back and forth through the book (I think there are 150) but kept coming back to this one and I am loving it.

I didn’t block my squares so the whole blanket isn’t entirely square which makes this choice of border ideal – because it means the blanket is no longer square anyway. It puts me in mind of a poppy and I really want to do it in black and red. In fact the book is so nice I just want to do borders now!

I bought the book from Amazon, having been given a gift voucher, the details are:

I should mention that it is an American book so the stitches are called by their US equivalents. I always check the working of a stich before I start a pattern so this didn’t bother me.

Borders book