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Soup, lovely soup

Soup, lovely soup

I used the pan from my steamer to make the soup in

I can’t think of soup without thinking of the beautiful soup dragon from The Clangers!

Having bought Nigella Lawson’s Express cookbook I had an urge to try her sweet potato and butternut squash soup.

As it is the “Express” book Nigella suggests using a bag of prepared and chopped sweet potato and butternut squash. This must be a southern thing as nobody I have asked in Lincolnshire has ever seen such thing but a relative who lives in Oxfordshire says she has.

The hardest part was peeling the butternut squash. The skin really is tough and my peeler wasn’t man enough for the job. I ended up cutting the squash into two and then slicing down round the edges to remove the peel with a very sharp knife – this needs to be done C A R E F U L L Y !

Whilst the vegetables simmered I cleaned my vintage Kenwood Chef. My partner declared he’d never seen it used before – not true but it has been a while. Rather grimy!  In fact was an Easter present from him several years ago.  I saw it advertised in the local shop and as I’m not a big chocolate fan he said he would buy it for me as an alternative to an egg!  The soup making reminded me how much I love it – I must sort ou all the attachments as I have some I’ve not even used!

An Easter present years ago

An Easter present years ago

Nigella suggests decorating the soup with buttermilk but that isn’t something I have in the house so I’ve used both balsamic vinegar and basil olive oil which have been nice. If you feel really creative of course you make a soup of a different colour and swirl the two into the bowl……

Buttermilk to decorate

Buttermilk to decorate

The soup was delicious and there was enough for me to take some to work for lunch and for us to have it for tea again later in the week.  Second time around I bought some rolls from the local deli to go with it too!


On Saturday a friend and I went off to Newark, Nottinghamshire.  It is getting on for an hour away but quite an easy drive – apart from the roadworks which have become a permanent feature of the A46.  If you like cones do come visit!

First stop was the lovely wine shop that is Ann et Vin.  I had some loan glasses to return but needless to say picked up half a dozen bottles whilst I was there.  We also had coffee and delicious apple cake too.

One of the wines I picked up is a Valentine present for my other half.  The label is so pretty – you can see what it is like here – isn’t it pretty.  The bottle I bought is actually rose and the hearts are pink and shiny.  I love the heart on the top.

I love the packaging of this wine - ideal for someone you love!

I love the packaging of this wine – ideal for someone you love!

Wine purchased we had a mooch round the town.  I love the little signs that are in so many shops these days and added two to my collection.


There is an Oxfam bookshop in Newark and I picked up Nigella Express for £2.99. I have used it today to make sweet potato and butternut squash soup – more of that to come.

By the way, the lovely little cat sign is from Rose and Peck, which is in The Arcade, a beautiful proper old arcade too!

If you fancy a visit to Newark do stay at the lovely Compton House – Lisa will make you feel right at home!